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About Rudolph's

Old Photo of Young Man Making Pork Rinds

Our commitment to excellence has been passed from generation to generation. In 1955, John Rudolph learned of an untapped market for pork rinds and the Ohio entrepreneur quickly launched his own company producing pork rinds from smoked bacon rinds.

And we've remained the family's namesake brand of pork rinds for nearly 70 years!

For Us, Pork Rinds are a Family Affair.

Mary & John Rudolph

Mary's Secret ... Recipe 

Golden Pork Rind

In 1957, as the meat industry abandoned the traditional smoking of bacon rinds, a pivotal moment emerged for John and Mary's burgeoning business. Faced with the challenge of survival, Mary, leveraging her expertise in home economics, embarked on a journey of culinary ingenuity. With determination and creativity, she devised a groundbreaking two-step process for pork rinds that not only rescued their enterprise but also laid the foundation for its enduring success.

Mary Rudolph - Inventor of the secret recipe
Photo of pork rind factory

  Nobody Makes Better Tasting Pork Rinds  

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