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BBQ Rinds for the BBQ Grind.

Southern Recipe BBQ Pork RindsFire up the grill and break out the BBQ Pork Rinds while you wait for the coals to get hot. There's nothing better than BBQ rinds with your BBQ!

Nobody Makes Better Tasting Pork Rinds or Snacks!

Pork rinds, a traditional southern food, are a great low-carb snack. Rudolph Foods has been producing pork rinds for more than five decades, still utilizing the same special recipe Mary Rudolph created in her family kitchen. Rudolph Foods is the world's largest manufacturer of pork rinds, as well as pork cracklins, popcorn and pork stick snacks. Rudolph Foods provides private labeling opportunities, wholesale pork skin pellets, and pork rind seasonings.