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Nobody makes better tasting pork rinds.™

Rudolph’s has evolved over time from a store brand found only in Wal–Mart to our most exciting line up. Rudolph’s is expanding beyond pork rinds into the following newer products: Rudolph’s Original OnYums, and Rudolph’s Chile Limon Chicharinas.

Can you smell the Magnolias and hear the jazz playing? Southern Recipe combines the best tasting pork rinds and cracklins with a rich southern tradition. This brand has a large following and caters to southerners proud of their heritage. Southern Recipe encompasses a wide variety of pork rind and cracklin products.

In early 1998 Gaslamp took its products to the consumer with an experimental popcorn store and several moveable popcorn kiosks. Over 150,000 individual samples were handed out to consumers to verify what Gaslamp management already suspected – Gaslamp Popcorn was able to produce the best tasting popped popcorn products and to keep these products fresh!

We've taken pork rinds to another level. Cooked with sunflower oil, this high protein, low carb pork rind snack is made with unique flavors: Pineapple Ancho Chile, Korean Kimchi BBQ, Spicy Dill and Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper.
It's a different kind of rind!

These pork rinds and cracklins are just like your Grandparents used to make when nothing was wasted on the pig but the squeal. Our first brand devoted to tender and traditional cracklins is a farm favorite. Grandpa John’s was named in honor of John Rudolph’s father, "Grandpa John". The brand invokes the spirit of Midwest farm living with its focus on traditional farm-made cracklins.

Lee’s Pig Skins is one of the newest members of the Rudolph Foods Family. In addition to the signature Lee’s pork skins brand, we also offer a family of products with Papa Tubs and Dabo’s pork rinds.

Our oldest label, Pepe’s, began as a Hispanic based brand of pork rinds (chicharrones) in San Antonio, Texas. Pepe’s rich heritage and authentic promise continues today with a line of chicharrones and other authentic Mexican inspired snacks.

Our value brand with great big taste and great big value. Rudy’s is a world class favorite for pork rinds lovers. Today’s selection includes pork rinds and tender cracklins.

Smithfield Farms marries the best tasting pork rinds with an old fashioned country tradition. Smithfield Farms pork rinds and cracklins offer blue ribbon quality in every bite. Grab a bag at convenience stores nationwide.

Whitefeather Foods offers a variety of pellets and seasonings for making your own products. Visit the Whitefeather Foods website to purchase Bacon Type Wheat Pellets, Wheat Twist Pellets, Pork Rind Pellets, and Potato Wheel Pellets. Seasonings include Smokey Bacon, Salt & Vinegar, Ranch, Sour Cream & Onion, Hot & Spicy, BBQ, and our special Whitefeather Seasoning.


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