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About Rudolph Foods Facilities

Rudolph Foods

Lima, Ohio—Headquarters

Nestled in the heart of the Midwest is the home of our corporate offices, main pellet production facility, and a packaging facility. Lima, Ohio, named “Pork Rind Capital of the World”, is the center of our operation and hometown of the Rudolph family. Throughout the years, the complex has changed and expanded to grow with the company. However, one thing remains the same… Mary’s secret recipe, which is why we can say, “Nobody makes better tasting pork rinds!™

Atlanta Facility

Atlanta, Georgia

Located 31 miles northeast of Atlanta in Lawrenceville, Georgia, this 38,000 square foot facility is capable of producing 10 million pounds of pork rinds per year. Since 1994, the Atlanta facility has linked Rudolph Foods to the south. Save Energy Now Leader Our Lawrenceville facility was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy as a 2010 Energy Saver. An Energy Saver is qualified as a facility that has achieved more than 75,000 MMBtu total energy savings or more than 7.5% total energy savings. Good job Rudolph Family in Lawrenceville!

Dallas Facility

Dallas, Texas

Located just 7 miles southwest of downtown Dallas is the largest of our packaging facilities. In 2003, our Dallas operation made the move to this brand new facility which is capable of producing 15 million pounds of pork rinds per year.

Wapakoneta Facility

Wapakoneta, Ohio—Whitefeather Foods

Located just 18 miles south of the corporate office, Whitefeather Foods, Inc started as a small family pork rind operation in 1984. Rudolph Foods purchased Whitefeather Foods in 2000, adding valuable production capability to the existing structure.

New Hebron Facility

New Hebron, Mississippi

Located about an hour south of Jackson, Mississippi, Lee's Pig Skins has been making great tasting pork rinds and cracklins for over 30 years. Lee's joined Rudolph Foods late last year, making them the newest addition to our pork rind family.

International Facilities

Brazil: Chapeco, Brazil

Visit the Rudolph do Brasil website.

Mexico: Pachuca, Mexico

Europe: Grasten, Denmark