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Our Quality Process

Rudolph Foods | A Story of Pork Rinds

For more than 60 years, Rudolph Foods’ commitment to excellence has been passed from generation to generation, just like our love for flavorful, traditional pork rind snacks. In 1955, John Rudolph learned of an untapped market for pork rinds and the Ohio entrepreneur quickly launched his own company producing pork rinds from smoked bacon rinds.

Rudolph Pork RindsTwo years later the company would face its first big challenge, the meat industry no longer smoked the rind on the bacon. Under pressure to save their fledgling business, John’s wife, Mary, put her home economics background to work and invented a revolutionary process the company still uses today.

With Mary’s surefire recipe and John’s leadership, Rudolph Foods became a snack industry success story. Since then, John and his sons have continued to dramatically expand their business and the family tradition.

Today, the company has facilities in the United States, as well as International ventures. With more than 400 employees, Rudolph Foods has launched into new areas of the snack food industry while maintaining its presence as the nation’s leading producer of pork rinds and cracklin snacks.

Vision Statement

Our Purpose

All of us recognize that Rudolph Foods is in the business of enriching and nourishing families around the world.

Our Values

The core values of humility, caring, integrity, open and honest communication, personal responsibility and the respect of other humans will be the foundation on which we build our organization.

Our Vision

As we continue to create success into the future ... our employees will be heard saying; “Rudolph Foods is the best place I have worked.” We will be acknowledged and rewarded by consumers who profess their love of our products. Our customers will express their thanks for Rudolph Foods being a “forward leader” and true partner in their growth. Our suppliers will state; “Rudolph Foods strives to demonstrate all that is good about people and business relationships.” Our communities will recognize Rudolph Food’s support of their local communities, the less fortunate, and our commitment to serving God.

The Rudolph Process

  • Raw Material Inspecting & CuttingPork Rind ProcessPork skins are visually inspected before entering an automatic slicer. This is just the first part of a continuous quality control process for our pork rinds.
  • Step 1 – Drying & Smoke CuringPork Rind ProcessOnly Rudolph Foods slowly dries and cures pork skins while using real hardwood smoke. This gives our pork rinds and cracklins the rich smokehouse bacon flavor consumers prefer.
  • Step 2 – RenderingPork Rind ProcessThe second step in our exclusive process is carefully rendering the pork skins to remove excess oil and create pellets ready for frying and seasoning.
  • Pellet SizingPork Rind ProcessThe pellets are conveyed automatically through a separator where they are sorted and graded by size, then packaged in specially lined boxes
  • Packing & ShippingPork Rind ProcessSealed boxes of pellets are labeled with bar codes and conveyed through a metal detection unit before shipping just-in-time to food processors around the world.
  • Frying the Pellets for Pork RindsPork Rind ProcessTo create finished pork rinds and cracklins, the pellets are transferred via conveyors into frying units where they literally “pop” into crispy snacks.
  • SeasoningPork Rind ProcessStill hot from the fryer, some of our pork rind snacks are conveyed to tumblers where they are coated with seasoning blends to create special flavors.
  • Finished Snacks PackagingPork Rind ProcessIn our automated packaging area, bags are formed and filled with carefully measured quantities of finished snacks, then boxed for shipping to our customers.


Remembering the Life of John & Mary Rudolph.

John Rudolph

Rudolph Foods John RudolphIn April, we said goodbye to an important member of the Rudolph Foods family, John Rudolph. Mr. Rudolph heralded our company from its humble beginning to the company it is today. Even at the age of 88, Mr. Rudolph still came into our offices, making sure that our brand remain the flavorful and trusted favorite it is today.

Born near Toledo, Ohio, he developed a strong work ethic and unquestionable values from the family farm where he grew up. Those ideals still ripple through our company and our brands today. Family was extremely important to Mr. Rudolph – including his Rudolph Foods family. May we all be so lucky to have so much love in our lives, especially the love he shared with his family. We’ll all miss you, Mr. Rudolph!

Read more about John Rudolph.

Mary Rudolph

Rudolph Foods Mary RudolphIt is with a great deal of sadness that we share the news with all of you, our friends and family, that Mary Rudolph, wife of John Rudolph the founder of Rudolph Foods, passed away.

Always a problem solver, it was with Mary's diligence that lead to redefining the pork rind cooking process. In 1957, the meat industry stopped smoking the rind on bacon, John and Rudolph Foods faced a challenge. To save their family business Mary put her home economics background to work, and developed a revolutionary two-step pork rind cooking process, which the company still uses today. From that point forward, our recipe has always been known as "Mary’s Secret Recipe."

Mrs. Rudolph loved life to the fullest and touched too many lives to count. We wish her family and the Rudolph Foods Company Family, peace ... love ... and wonderful memories to cherish forever.

Proud Corporate Sponsor

Rudolph Foods is a proud corporate sponsor of the Gridiron Greats


Our Lawrenceville facility was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy as a 2010 Energy Saver. An Energy Saver is qualified as a facility that has achieved more than 75,000 MMBtu total energy savings or more than 7.5% total energy savings.

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We utilize a sustainable green printer.

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