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The History of Rudolph Foods

A Quick Timeline

It all started in ...

  • timeline photo1955Rudolph Foods founded with the purchase of the Whittex Company building shown to the right.
  • timeline photo1957Mary Rudolph invents the secret pork rind recipe.
  • timeline photo1966Rudolph Foods sells to Beatrice Foods, John Rudolph takes VP position at Beatrice with continuing oversight of Rudolph Foods.
  • timeline photo1972John Rudolph becomes President of Rudolph Foods once again.
  • timeline photo1982Rudolph Foods begins making traditional cracklins.
  • timeline photo1987Rudolph family purchases Rudolph Foods back from Beatrice and introduces crunchy tender cracklins.
  • timeline photo1989Ohio's Governor proclaims Lima, Ohio "Pork Rind Capital of the World".
  • timeline photo1991Rudolph Foods opens California facility in San Bernardino, CA. The facility adds a crucial link to the Western U.S. for Rudolph Foods.
  • timeline photo1992Rudolph Foods acquires Texas facility in Dallas.
  • timeline photo1993Rudolph Foods opens operations in Pachuca, Mexico serving Mexico and Central America.
  • timeline photo1994Rudolph Foods purchases Georgia facility.
  • 2000Rudolph Foods adds second Ohio-based facility.
  • 2005Rudolph Foods celebrates 50th Anniversary.
  • timeline photo2006Rudolph Foods continues to produce an ever growing line of pork products, and also expands to produce grain-based snack foods.
  • timeline photo2008Rudolph Foods opens a facility in Brazil and acquires a facility in Mississippi.
  • timeline photo2009Rudolph Foods sponsors the Major League Eaters Pork Rind Eating Contest at the annual “Pork Rind Heritage Festival” in Harrod, Ohio.
  • 2011Rudolph Foods acquires Gaslamp Popcorn Co.

About Rudolph Foods

For 57 years, Rudolph Foods’ commitment to excellence has been passed from generation to generation, just like their love for flavorful, traditional pork rinds snacks ...