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For a Great Rooster Shoot inNorth Dakota Part 2

I did not know you could get the yips in Bird Hunting.


I really was looking forward to our annual rooster shoot in North Dakota. The short two drive hunt the previous afternoon promised glorious 70 degree days coupled with where’s Toto gale force winds. This part of the state has had no significant rain since June and we knew the dogs would need lots of water and breaks thru the day( as would I).


And I had developed the creeping feeling that I would never hit a bird going to my right. Now I have gotten the yips in putting ( I have buddies who for a month closed their eyes while I putted) but never wing shooting.


As a southern male I must admit that I take a certain pride in being able to shoot a limit, cook em up and hold my liquor while sharing them with friends and family. And the way I was shooting a limit was in danger. I had even caught a buddy of mine “helping me” get a limit by backing me up on every bird going right. He even tried to give me a “pity” bird for the bag. My response is not printable for a family website but needless to say I will shoot my own dang birds or burn prodigious amounts of shotgun shells in an attempt to.


southern recipe hunters For a Great Rooster Shoot inNorth Dakota Part 2AS we pushed birds up the hill to a food plot planted on the southern exposure I swung wide right hoping to pinch the birds towards the blockers on the road and the rest of the group spread 40 yards apart to the far fence row. Two birds made the mistake of going left. As I put the second bird in I thought if I can just find one more left winged bird. One busted right but straight into the 40 mph wind. Finally my don’t think just shoot took over and there it was, a three bird limit in 4 minutes. Time to become a blocker and relax.


After two more drives we managed to get a limit of birds that day. For the seventeenth year in a row we managed to limit every day. We busted through cattail bottoms, walked 4 to 6 miles a day and never stopped grinning. Sometimes it took until 4 in the afternoon but everyone hunted until they got their birds. My buddy Mike “Happy” Harper calls it a redneck stress test. If you want to give it a try contact:
Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce


314 3rd Avenue West  Dickinson, ND 58601tough stuff bag 300x225 For a Great Rooster Shoot inNorth Dakota Part 2
(701) 225-5115



Every year when we go to Dickinson we have a need to bring nine to twelve birds back. We have experimented with hard coolers, cheap coolers and believe we have now found the best way. Polar Bear ( 888 438 7924) makes soft sided, no leak, sweat proof coolers that are perfect for this duty. We picked the 24 pack size. I stuffed mine in my duffle bag on the way down there, polar bear coolers 300x225 For a Great Rooster Shoot inNorth Dakota Part 2used it for ice water and beer (for AFTER the hunt) while there and filled it with frozen birds on the way back. They claim it keeps ice in 100 degree weather for 24 hours. It never got that hot for us but it sure keep our stuff icy cold while there and got nine birds back in great shape. Sixty dollars ($60.00) on their website and well worth it.


What’s your best pheasant hunting tip? Send yours in and we will pick a winner for next month man tales. The winner gets a Polar Bear Cooler.
Tight Lines and Good Shooting,


The Southern Recipe Pork Rind Guys

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