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Trucker tips and driving tricks from the road

We just gave a huge thank you to all our road warriors during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and can’t believe how much love we saw in support of America’s truck drivers. Kick back, pop open your favorite bag of rinds, and take a moment to appreciate just how much America’s truck drivers do for us.

tweet graphic trans Trucker tips and driving tricks from the roadWhat do #America’s #TruckDrivers have to say about what you should #snack on?

RUD BoldAndSpicyAndHotAndSpicyPorkRinds PorkRindFlavors Trucker tips and driving tricks from the road
America’s truck drivers share their ultimate guide to the road:

Favorite Hotel:
Super 8 (45%)
Days Inn (41%)
Best Western (31%)

Favorite Fast Food:
Subway (37%)
Wendy’s (23%)
Taco Bell (20%)

States with Best Rest Stops:
Florida (24%)
Ohio (14%)
Texas (12%)

Best Coffee:
Dunkin’ Donuts (35%)
Truckstops/ Gas stations (23%)
Starbucks (18%)

Our favorite snack on the road:
Rudolph’s Pork Rinds!
Rudolphs PorkRinds Trucker tips and driving tricks from the road

Can’t get enough truck driver fun facts? Load up more here.

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