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Get the facts about cracklins

Ever wonder what it takes to become a pork rind expert? It takes someone who relishes each crunchy cracklin and who appreciates their crispy, meaty texture. Ultimately, it also takes someone with a pure love for fried pig skin. Here, we unlock some of the knowledge that all snacking experts know, including some need-to-know facts about the pork rind’s counterpart … the cracklin!

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PorkRindsDotCom FieldGuideToPorkRinds Get the facts about cracklins

Cracklins are the cousin to pork rinds, fried with just a little extra fat that gives them a major pork flavor. Also called scratchings, some cracklins are even fried a second time in order to give them that unmistakable crunch. One bite and you’ll wonder how so much flavor can be packed into such a compact snack! Check out our field guide to pork rinds (and cracklins) to know the in’s and out’s of your favorite snacks!

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