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Hey Truckers, What’s Your Favorite Pork Rind Dish?


Truckers who cross the nation are sure to build up quite the appetite! Fillin’ up is as easy as putting gas in the tank with Rudolph’s recipes.


For truckers who like to pack the heat, (spicy, that is) Rudolph’s Hot and Spicy Pork Rind Chicken Wings are a great hot or cold meal. The drivers we talked to at the Expedite Expo, in Ohio, would surely agree!


What’s cookin’ in your truck? We love seeing our drivers eating well out there on the road! WHBF-CBS4 in Illinois, KFVE-K5 in Hawaii and Tucson News Now have been buzzing about our pork rind lovin’ truckers. Send us your favorite over the road recipe and if we highlight it, we’ll send you some prizes!



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