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Get ready to dip in to these salsas. They’re delicioso!

Did you know that May 1st marks the first day of National Salsa Month? Oh, you did? Well, did you also remember that Cinco de Mayo is Tuesday? Or that pork rinds are the best way to celebrate for both?
While some people might let Cinco de Mayo go unnoticed, we’re taking full advantage of it … And giving it the protein packed snack it deserves.
Rudolphs PorkRinds SalsaMonth Get ready to dip in to these salsas. Theyre delicioso!
We’ve got a few dips that we just know you’ll love snacking on while you’re down in your man cave. From a zesty guacamole dip that pairs perfectly with Rudolph’s Bold and Spicy BBQ Pork Rinds to our star of the month, tomato salsa that brings fresh Mexican flair to any of your favorite pork rind flavors. We dare you to take it up a notch and make this National Salsa Month as flavorful as possible!

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