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Food Trends Worth Trying

It’s a new year, so we’re taking stock of the top food trends that will soon be sweeping the nation. Whether you’re an Original Pork Rinds kind of a snacker or you prefer Bold & Spicy BBQ Pork Rinds, open your mind and take a look at what rind lovers everywhere will see in the New Year!

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No-Waste Kitchens
This year, more and more kitchens and restaurants declare themselves waste-free. Re-invent your leftovers and commit to this exciting movement! Our Peanut Butter Pork Rind Bars are completely customizable, so throw your favorite nuts or crushed candies in!

Bread is Back
Take back bread and jump into this food trend with our Crackling Bread. Forget everything you once new about bread. It’s the perfect accompaniment to almost any meal and we’re here to tell you: It’s heaven straight from the oven!

Healthy Fast Food
Fifty-eight percent of shoppers say it’s important to pay attention to nutrition when it comes to their dining out choices. So while old-school fast food spots will hurry to make their menus healthier in 2016, you’ll start to notice new joints popping up. We’ll stick to our zero carb, high protein pork rinds thank you!

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