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Get festive with pork rinds!

Legendary football star Ickey Woods is helping us to make this the crunchiest, manliest, and tastiest summer yet. How can the ultimate man’s snack get even manlier? By bringing family together! We’re gearing up for the Pork Rind Heritage Festival in our home state of Ohio on June 13th and 14th.
RUD Blog PorkRindFestival Get festive with pork rinds!
You’re invited to all things pork related. From a hog roast to fresh popped pork rinds, you’ll be in a meat-lover’s paradise. Bring your appetite and a pen because Ickey “The Ickster” Woods will be joining us on Saturday for the parade and an autograph signing (and maybe even a little Icky Shuffle). Hey, it’s ok to get excited … We’re all pork rind fans here.

tweet graphic trans Get festive with pork rinds!Come and get it! Fresh popped Rudolph’s #PorkRinds at the Pork Rind Heritage Festival! @DiscoverOhio

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