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Celebrate Pork Rind Appreciation Day With Us.

Last year, thousands of pork rind lovers voted to make sure that the Sunday of the BIG GAME was also recognized as Pork Rind Appreciation Day!
NewOrleansSuperDomeSuperBowl Celebrate Pork Rind Appreciation Day With Us.
This year, we’re supporting Gridiron Greats … An organization that helps former pro football players who have life-threatening injuries as a result of playing football, but also have no insurance – it’s a heart-breaking challenge. That’s why, for every bag of Rudolph Foods family of brands’ snacks purchased, we’ll donate 10¢ to this organization.
We’re excited to meet up with former football greats at An Exclusive Evening with Ditka and Friends in New Orleans (yes, right before the Super Bowl). We will be handing out pork rind snacks and listening to old football stories …. Think of it as eating pig skins before watching the pigskin. We’ll be sure to tweet and post photos on Facebook … So check them out now!


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