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Super Bowl 50 for Procrastinators

Next to football, our minds are on one thing: How to make game day on February 7th tastier without giving up time on the couch.
Don’t get us wrong. We’ll be tuning in for the game, but the food has got to be satisfying enough to fuel us through each quarter and easy enough to snack on with our eyes glued to the screen. This year, appetizers that score on both taste and on speed in the kitchen are making a comeback.

tweet graphic trans Super Bowl 50 for Procrastinators#SB50 means #football and great food. Get your man-approved #recipes here:

Procrastinators celebrate! You can have a homegate that’ll get you ready for game day without the hassle of any extra work pulling it all together. Ready, set, hut!

PorkRindsDotCom PorkyRooms PorkRindRecipe Super Bowl 50 for ProcrastinatorsPorkyrooms Pork Rind Recipe: From our test kitchen to yours, we bring you one of our favorites. Porkyrooms are as easy as it gets. The best part? You’ll get major credit for pulling this app together. Score!

PorkRindsDotCom PorkyMozzarellaSticks PorkRindRecipe Super Bowl 50 for ProcrastinatorsPorky Mozzarella Sticks Pork Rind Recipe: Four easy ingredients make these Porky Mozzarella Sticks a go-to. Grab some string cheese and a bag of Rudolph’s Pork Rinds for a snack we’ll dare to say is better than your favorite restaurant’s. Want to mix things up? Go for Bold and Spicy Rinds!

PorkRindsDotCom PorkRindRecipe SweetPorkRindDelight Super Bowl 50 for ProcrastinatorsRudolph’s Sweet Delight Pork Rind Recipe: Don’t shy away from this quick app. You’ll reach for handful after handful once you get a taste of this Sweet Pork Rind Delight!

RUD PRAD 2015 Super Bowl 50 for Procrastinators
Don’t forget to play Sack the Quarterback with Hall of Famer Bobby Bell for a chance to WIN $3,500 and a year’s supply of pork rinds this Pork Rind Appreciation Day! You’ll never have to worry about where your next bag of rinds is coming from again!

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