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And the Manliest BBQ Recipe Is …

SouthernRecipe ManliestBBQ CheckOutOurWinner And the Manliest BBQ Recipe Is ...

Congratulations to the winner of our Manliest BBQ Recipe Contest (drumroll, please) …
Don M. of California for his Sticky Cajun BBQ Pork Ribs with Buttered Pork Rinds! His saucy pork rind-inspired recipe hit the spot … Heck, we’re tossing a couple racks on the grill now just to get another taste!

tweet graphic trans And the Manliest BBQ Recipe Is ...This year’s Manliest #BBQ Recipe Contest winner is … Get the recipe now @rudolphfoods

While Don will be firing up his new $1,000 outdoor grill, our 2nd place winner, Linda C. of Nebraska, can look forward to a year supply of Southern Recipe Pork Rinds! Her recipe for BBQ Fish Tacos with Southern Recipe Pork Rind Crunch takes #TacoTuesday to the next level.

Try ’em both and let our judges know if they got it right!

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