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Pork Rinds

Pork rinds, a traditional southern food, are a great low-carb and high protein snack. For more than six decades, we've been producing the best tasting pork rinds around. With quality and flavor this good, there's no wonder we are the world's largest manufacturer of pork rinds.

How about popping your own pork rinds fresh? It's easy and fun ... buy our pork rind pellets here.

Rudolph's Brand Pork Rinds - Mary Rudolph's Secret Recipe

It’s Mary Rudolph’s secret recipe that makes our pork rinds so good! Learn More »


Rudolph's Original Pork Rinds

Hot & Spicy

Rudolph's Hot And Spicy Pork Rinds

Bold & Spicy BBQ

Rudolph's Bold And Spicy BBQ Pork Rinds

Chili & Lime Chicharinas

Rudolph's Brand Snacks - Chile And Lime Chicharinas


Rudolph's Brand Snacks - OnYums

Other Snacks

We know you're a rind lover. Here's where you can go to give the best of the best a try, from our Southern Recipe pork rinds to the bold flavors of Southern Recipe Small Batch.